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WOW!  I was blown away with all the gimmicks I ran across online as well as on TV when I began searching for new carpet and flooring.  Even the big name companies and box stores pushing misleading ads to the public only to do the bait and switch routine.  From the TV ads from one major flooring company telling people that if they pay for two small rooms of carpet, they will automatically get the rest of the entire house done for free, all the way down to the big box stores advertising on the internet that they will install a whole house full of brand new carpeting for only $49 no matter how big your house is.  I am sorry, but I think they are going a little too far these days.  Do people really fall for these tricks still?  It blows my mind that some of these companies continue to try to trick people into buying from them with these horribly misleading advertisements.  

First of all, there is no such thing as FREE CARPET!  Even worse, no installer (even an illegal worker) would dare pack their van up, drive to a warehouse to wait in line to load up for three hours, then drive to the consumers house, move all the furniture, rip up and scrape all the old padding, pull up all the old staples, lay out new padding and carpet, and then move all the furniture back in the rooms for only $49 just because teh company they contract work from is have a so called sale this week.  So how do they do it?  

Well, after going to the stores and reading the fine print on the back of the paperwork, I found that the two well known companies who have been advertising $49 labor for a full house are actually charging almost quadruple the price for the padding that needs to go under the new carpet.  this way they can charge tax on a larger amount since they are not supposed to tax the portion of the bill designated for labor.   hmmmm. what a brilliant way to add gross profit to a deal, since the sales tax is paid based on the actual wholesale cost amount that the retail store paid to the wholesaler or mill rather than the retail sticker price.  But the average consumer may think that the store is being extra nice and not charging for labor this week for some reason.  I don't know about you, but I don't go to work all day for free and i highly doubt any skilled carpet or flooring craftsman will do the same.

What about the buy two rooms get 5 free scam that is out there now days?  Well, I love that one the best because the company that I found to be pushing that load of nonsense on people has been a very trusted name in the floor covering industry for over 4 decades until an investment company bought them out and changed the entire marketing structure to one that is as sneaky and sly as a used car dealer in the somewhere in a bad neighborhood.  The reason that I love it is simply because the companies who practice this type of marketing only make the rest of us honest companies look even better.  When a sales rep from one of these companies go to your home and then tell you its going to cost you $3,500 to carpet your kids small bedroom and then you get the rest of the house for free, it almost makes you wanna gag.  It makes me cringe when I see these awful ads on TV that pray on those who just don't know any better because they have either never bought carpet in the past or haven't done it in so long that they just don't have any idea what they should be paying.

So here is what I have done, I made a list of a few things to go by when shopping for carpet.  First off, make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  In other words, carpet is not the same as any other carpet.  Educate yourself to know some of the differences,  For example, thick heavy frize type carpets will usually cost a lot more money than a short pile plush or flat level loop or berber carpet.  But when you compare one plush to another plush you can use common sense a d slight bit of research to know weather or not you are getting a good deal or not.  

Fuzzy side up.  duuhhh.  No really, keep it simple!  You will often find carpet sales people try to sell a consumer on quality based on the number of threads per inch or how many loops or twists are in each thread, but to make it simple, just dig your hands into it.  Does it feel solid?  Do the threads feel dense?  Does there feel like there is a fair amount of substance to the pile?  How long is the warranty, Do you like the colors?  How will it look under your lighting and next to your walls or accents?  These are all very important factors that really do matter, so try not to get sidetracked with loaded technical nonsense and mumbo-jumbo.  

Pricing only matters when you look at the total price.  In other words, who cares how much a carpet costs per foot or per yard when a store can over inflate the labor cost or triple the pricing of the required padding.  What matters at the end of the day is exactly how much money will be coming out of your bank account to complete your project.  One store might advertise that they have a carpet that only costs $1.00 per foot ($9 per yard) but then you might be up to $4/ft or $36/yd after its all said and done with.  So what really matters is not the $45 installation special or the $1,00 per foot material cost.  The only thing that really matters when it comes to price is TOTAL PRICE.

A decent plush carpet will usually have a 10-15 year wear warranty and some sort of stain protection.  There are extreme exceptions to the rule, but usually you can buy a pretty good wearing plush carpet for $30 per yard.  Now when I say $30/yd I am including new carpet, good padding, as well as labor.  A good berber could run anywhere from 25-30 dollars per yard installed and a good frize will usually be in the neighborhood of $35 per yard installed.  These prices are usually the going rate in most local Michigan markets however there are carpets that can cost in excess of $150 per yard and as low as $19 per yard installed. 

Finally, if it sounds too good, it probably is.  Just use your gut and simple common sense when purchasing carpet or flooring.  I have been in this industry most of my adult life and I have seen it all.  A good company will give you a good warranty and send honest salespeople to your home.  If the sales rep gives you a price of $5,000 to do your job but then puts the "today only" pressure on you and bargains his way down to $2,000 then there is something very dishonest in what he or she is doing.  Take you time, enjoy the process, and find yourself something that you and your family will be able to look at and enjoy for years to come.

My company really prides ourself on our dedication to honesty and integrity.  We offer good pricing and practice good honest sales tactics.  Every once in a while we are able to run some extra special sales when a mill is trying to clear a product our or offers us a rebate to sell special selections, but for the most part we are not the very cheapest company out there, but we are far from being an expensive company.  We usually have cheaper prices than all of the local box stores as well as the companies that you see spending millions on TV ads, but we do offer one of the best services in the entire industry.  Give us a call, you will see for yourself.  No high pressure, No gimmicks or tricks.  No hidden costs or last minute extras.  Just a really good staff of good, hard working, honest people who love what they do and enjoy helping people out.  We have great prices, but most importantly, we are one of the very few companies in our industry who actually use only our very own contractors to do the work rather than using the labor houses or sub-pools to fill the workload.  By keeping our very own professional and highly skilled craftsmen on the job, we know the job will be done to perfection every single time.  We provide all of our valued customers with a LIFETIME INSTALLATION WARRANTY.  Even the biggest names out there only give a 1 year labor warranty, where our installation warranty extends for as long as you own that house.  No more worrying about a wrinkle forming in your hallway 3 years after your new carpet gets installed, or a seam splitting, these problems are covered for life with our industry exclusive LIFETIME INSTALLATION WARRANTY.   Give us a call today for your FREE PRICE QUOTE.  We bring the samples right to your front door along with free help of one of our professionally trained design consultants who specialize in color and design coordination.  We can work within your schedule as well since we set available time slots 7 days a week including evenings and weekends.

The carpet Guys, LLC. proudly covers all of Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb Counties and the entire Greater Detroit Metro Area.  Call Today (586) 873-3337





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03 Nov 2010

By Joseph Zago - TCG