Wearable banana shows your heart rate and is still edible (sort of)

Cleverly folding in this weekend's Tokyo Marathon with the current appetite for fruit-named wearables, here's some advertising silliness from fruit moguls Dole: the wearable banana. Underneath the skin, there's an array of LEDS that beam out enough red light to scroll lap-time times, the runners' heart rate and even motivational tweets of support -- or you just send Bluth quotesright here.

Wearable bananas don't grow on trees. The banana skin is initially peeled back, then an LED display and oddly, a smaller banana is crammed inside. There's also a GPS in there, although it's wired all to a separate device that the wearer will have to carry -- which defeats the purpose of the wearable, not that we were taking a fitness wearable banana too seriously. Two runners will strap on the smartfruit, which apparently attaches to the wrist, as they run this weekend's Tokyo Marathon. Maybe next year Dole will3D-print something out of all that carved-out banana.

And if you're not a banana lover, there's also tomato wearable, automating delivery of tomatoes to your mouth to promote tomato-based foodstuffs maker Kagome. It's still a fruit though.

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22 Feb 2015

By Mat Smith