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Google Now starts showing gas stations along your route

by Jon Fingas on

Google already has ways to find gas stations before you hit the open road, but it hasn't usually offered relevant stations. ... Read full article

Meet Grasp, a wearable that helps instructors micromanage you

by Mariella Moon on

Can you imagine having an instructor who peers over your shoulder all the time while you practice, say, cooking or coding? Awkwaaard.... Read full article

Microsoft will soon help you find friends with Windows phones

by Jon Fingas on

It's fairly easy to locate friends and family if you have an Android or iOS device, but finding your pals with a Windows phone? Not so much,... Read full article

Jerry Lawson, a self-taught engineer, gave us video game cartridges

by Devindra Hardawar on

If you've got fond memories of blowing into video game cartridges, you've got Gerald "Jerry" Lawson to thank. As the head of engineering and marketing for Fairchild Semiconductor's gaming outfit in the mid-'70s, Lawson developed the first home gaming... Read full article

– Vital Tips For Effective Logo Design

by on

This logo concept is based on the idea that you can have traditional Alfredo taste in a modified healthy, nutritious recipe that is so delicious you can afford a second helping (love some more = Somore) without the guilt.... Read full article